Barrett L. Williamson Architects

Barrett formed the firm in 1998, and is celebrating 19 years in business.  Quality design is both our passion and profession.  We place the highest value on innovation and quality.  We believe that we should be good stewards of the environment and we approach our design opportunities in ways that are ecologically responsible.  We have extensive experience in the design of high performance energy efficient buildings and systems. In addition to our numerous new construction projects, a large portion of our work has been in the renovation and addition to existing buildings.  We have demonstrated expertise in the design of rehabilitations and additions to historic buildings, which has informed our design process.  We have a proven track record of designing cost effective, high quality rehabilitations utilizing this philosophy.  I believe that listening is the most important factor in having a successful client relationship and project design.

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219 W.Boyd Suite 203 Norman, OK 405-360-1566

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